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Sea Freight

  • Regular complete (FCL) and partial (LCL) transportation services.

  • International transportation for your exports and imports.

  • Alternative services and rates from different carriers.

  • Special port to port rates for more than 200 ports in the world.

  • Worldwide strong agency network.

  • Combined transportation solutions.

  • Documentation, customs clearance (in Dubai only), container handling in ports.

  • On time and regular basis document delivery.

Air Freight

  • Worldwide strong agency network.

  • Appropriate transport durations and reasonable charges.

  • Consolidation of export and import

  • Express transportation for urgent cargoes.

  • Door to door services.

  • On time and regular basis document delivery.

Air Freight
Land Transport

Lans Transportation

  • Distribution and transportation services to Europe, Middle East, and Turkish Republics.

  • Complete (FTL) and Carload (LTL) transportation Services.

  • Strong agencies in Europe, the Middle East, and Turkish Republics.

  • Door to door services.

  • Smooth and on time document delivery.

Customs Documentation

  • Sea & air import shipment clearance

  • Personal vehicle and personal household clearance

  • New and renew import code and customs card

  • Arrangement transportation for air & sea shipments

  • Item registration in Dubai municipality

  • Foodstuff clearance

  • Shipment Clearance

  • Cargo Clearing Dubai

  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC) for Gulf

  • Documentation Require For Customs Clearance Dubai

    • Bill Of Lading

    • Delivery Order

    • Commercial Invoice/Invoice

    • Packing List

    • Certificate Of Origin

    • Certificate Of Health(Food, Cosmetics Items)

Warehouse Workers

Warehouse Services

  • Stuffing, Un-Stuffing, and handling.

  • Packing, labeling, and package integration.

  • Pallet separation, re-packing, and terminal services.

  • Quality Control.

  • Insurance Services

  • In Dubai-Jebel Ali port

    • 6.500 m2 Closed

    • 10.000 m2 Open Warehouse area.

Services: Hizmetler
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